Lotus flower and upcoming new work

By 12th February 2022Blog
Lotus cut out and ready to foil

A commission for a friend, my first real stained glass work in many months. It’s been such a strange few years: locked down, not locked down, studio moves and all my tools in storage. I’ve spent quite a lot of time making things as simple stress relief, can’t really call it art; papier-m√Ęche and mindful doodling. The lotus reminded me of what I can do and make.

The next few months I’ll dedicate to a self-directed project, for our university course stage 2 exhibition at the Shipley Gallery in Gateshead.

Meanwhile, I’ve applied for a place in a new studio by the sea. I’m hopeful it will be approved and maybe life will start getting back to something like normal.

This pattern is available to buy if you would like to have a go yourself.

Foiling in progress