Your information

Elfgift Stained Glass will only contact you in relation to workshops, newsletters or other instances where you have directly requested information from us. We will never sell or otherwise distribute your personally identifiable information.

Workshop Sign-up Forms

We ask for, and keep, your contact details only so that we can get in touch with information about workshops. We will hold the information for 2 years and then destroy it, unless you tell us otherwise.

Workshop Consent Forms

At every workshop, we will provide you with health & safety and risk information and ask you to read it, and consent to abide by the information shown there.  We want you to have a safe and fun experience, so we reserve the right to ask you to leave a workshop if we think you are not properly following the safety guidance.

We will give you a copy of the consent form if you request a copy; we will keep the signed copy for one year, and then destroy it.

download  View or download the Workshop Health & Safety and Risk Consent Form