Words to (try and) live by

By 4th December 2020February 19th, 2021Blog

I read a book, Barking up the Wrong Tree, by a philosopher named Eric Barker, who is funny and profound in equal measures. One of his posts,
This Is The Morning Ritual That Will Make You Happy: 4 Secrets From Stoicism includes a concept called amor fati. Despite appearances, it doesn’t mean ‘be in love with your chubby self’. It’s more like ‘managing your own responses to the crap that life throws at you’. (It’s actually Latin for ‘love your fate’ and the phrase was coined by Nietzsche).

amor fati I thought that was a worthy goal to try for – managing my own responses.  I found it particularly difficult over the lockdown. I wasn’t feeling very confident or able to focus on much, but went into the studio and made an art deco design of it in stained glass. A small project that cheered me up.

The small panel is available to buy.