Three Hares Dancing Around the Moon Medieval Stained Glass Panel


Three Hares who each have two ears but with only three ears between them, chase each other in a circle. They are an ancient design known throughout Europe and Asia. A mystical symbol probably representing the lunar cycle and fertility.


  • yellow, amber, blue, green and clear textured stained glass
  • lead solder
  • wire
  • wooden stand

Three Hares Dancing Around the Moon is my interpretation in glass of an ancient design. Examples appear in churches and temples from England to China. Their exact meaning varies by culture — in Cornwall and Devon they’re called ‘Tinner’s Rabbits’ or the ‘Tin Miner’s Rabbits’ and are a symbol of good luck. They may represent the Trinity or the Celtic triple goddess.

My interpretation in stained glass uses soft colours: green grass for the earth and wispy clouds in a blue sky, with a hint of the moon behind them in clear, textured glass. The rabbits themselves have gold and amber bodies; their eyes and noses are dark purple eyes.

Size approx 45cm (18″). The wooden stand is optional, can also be hung in a window. Free shipping in the UK.  Allow 10 working days for receipt.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 2 cm